The passenger used the mask for other purposes and angered companion


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @passengershaming

An unknown passenger of the aircraft during a pandemic coronavirus applied protective medical mask is not on purpose and angered companion. A relevant post appeared in the Instagram account @passengershaming, the authors ridicule the strange antics of the tourists.

On available online the frame captured, presumably, the sleeping man who wore personal protection eye and used it as a sleep mask instead of having to close their mouth area and nose. “Buddy…” — commented the author of the image.

Previously an unusual protective mask during the outbreak scored another unknown traveler instead of a respirator or medical mask he wore on the face of women’s underwear.

5 Jun American actress Julie Tokarz protested the unhygienic act of the passenger. Published in network, the frame captured a man in protective medical mask with a phone in his hand, which holds just three seats, putting on their bare feet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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