The recovery of the world economy


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The world economy has started to recover and GDP will return to pre-crisis values by the fourth quarter 2020. This period is called the economists at Morgan Stanley, writes Bloomberg.

Predicting a sharp but short recession, experts expect a decline in GDP of 8.6 percent in the second quarter and rising to three percent by the first quarter of 2021. Analysts suggest that the second wave of infections with coronavirus will occur in the fall, but it can be controlled, if there is widespread access to the vaccine. The pessimistic scenario foresees a return to the rigid restrictive measures that will lead to a second wave of the crisis.

The international monetary Fund (IMF) warned last week that the global economy is recovering slower than expected, and the forecasts saved “deep uncertainty”.

Earlier it was reported that Russia’s economy will decrease by 10 percent this year in the case of repeated outbreaks of pandemic or eight percent if the spread of the coronavirus likely to remain under control. Such calculations were made by the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

The Russian economy may enter the “decolonise” the pace of growth already by mid-2021, predicts the General Director of rating Agency “Expert RA” Sergey Tishchenko.

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