“Who wants to be a millionaire?” will change the rules


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The rules of the British version of the show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” aired on the ITV channel, will change due to the coronavirus. This writes The Sun.

According to the tabloid, the shooting program will resume in July and will be held in an empty Studio. In this regard, it becomes impossible to use the clues “Help room”. One of the solutions to the problem is to allow participants to call twice to a friend during the game.

“There is a problem with the audience. If she’s not in the Studio, and perhaps the introduction of some new tips. Also there is the option of two phone calls,” — said the source publication.

In may, the British mark Labbett (Mark Labbett), a repeated participant of the quiz, revealed the fraud scheme, which was used by the players on the show “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. They received help from friends who were in the audience.

Labbett said he knows people who cheated very neatly. According to him, knowledge of the program participants in the initiative were the same masters quizzes. They took place behind the leading to applying for million it can be clearly seen, and gave him clues with the help of nods and winks.

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