A fan of Barbie dolls have lost 82 pounds and revealed the secret of harmony


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kayla Lavende

A resident of the American city of Las Vegas, Nevada, lost 82 pounds, to be like a Barbie doll, and revealed the secret of harmony. This publication reports 7 news.

35-year-old Kyle Lavende (Kayla Lavende) originally from Sydney but moved to the United States. Seven years she suffered from excessive weight. To encourage her to lose weight, the parents rewarded Lavende a Barbie doll every time she managed to get rid of extra pounds. But regardless of her diligence, she rarely managed to change its weight: she lost weight and then gained twice as much.

Lavende loved the aesthetics of Barbie and became a costume designer as tried using fashion to divert people’s attention from their excess weight. She called herself “Barbie plus-size”.

When the scales started to show 154 pounds, Australian faced with challenges when going to the movies or flying on an airplane: she needed two seats instead of one, and she was shy about it. To lose weight, Lavende decided on surgery, which she had removed 80 percent of the stomach.

Two years later, the weight of lovers of Barbie had dropped to 73 pounds. In order to support the result, Lavende go to workout seven times a week and adhere to a healthy diet.

Previously, due to busy at work she didn’t have Breakfast nor lunch, doing snacks in the form of cookies and other sweets. For dinner she ate a big plate of pasta or some takeout on the way home. Now she eats small portions and always eat Breakfast in the morning. She likes protein shakes, chicken or beef and snacks in the form of nuts or seeds.

She continues to wear bright clothes in the style of your favorite doll and feels happier than ever.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Indian city Hyderabad, state of Telangana, has lost 20 pounds after not able to pick out the right clothes, and discovered the secret to weight loss. The turning point came when he and his sweetheart went to the store and was not able to choose an appropriate costume.

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