A third of companies in Russia ignored the state


www.vsyako.netPhoto by: Artur Lebedev / RIA Novosti

About one-third of Russian companies ignored the government’s proposed measures of state support in the crisis, because they considered them ineffective. This is evidenced by survey data “Aktion-mtsfer”, which refers to owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

Interviewees were representatives of three thousand companies. They often criticized the automatic license renewal for the year (16.6 percent), deferral of rent payments (13.9%), postponement of loans for six months (17.5 per cent) and interest-free loans for partial repayment of salaries of employees (15.3%).

Positive measures named grants for the salaries of employees in the amount of the minimum wage (the idea was supported by 80 percent) and lower premiums (for it was made by 46%).

The study also indicated that 64 percent of companies are unable to qualify for state assistance for various reasons. The main one was the lack of code OKVED (Russian classification of economic activities) of the company in the list of victims, although its activity is recognized by the affected industry.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin asked the government adjustment measures to support the economy and citizens. He called to check what was needed, and extend them.

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