Called the time of occurrence of the second outbreak of the new coronavirus in Beijing


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tingshu Wang / Reuters

The occurrence of the second outbreak of the new coronavirus in Beijing can be fixed even in the last days of may. On Wednesday, 17 June, said the head of the Chinese center for control and disease prevention Gao Fu, RIA Novosti reported.

“There is a probability that the timing should be postponed for a month ago. There was already a lot of asymptomatic carriers and people who had in the form of light. The only thing that could be the reason that it was revealed so many infected” — said the Chinese official.

In addition, the coronavirus remains and later begins actively spreading in contaminated environment with high humidity. “After some time he suddenly appears and infects a large number of people,” — said the expert.

As of 17 June in Beijing revealed only 37 new cases of coronavirus, six of whom were asymptomatic carriers. In China, for all time recorded more than 83 thousand infected. Of these, 78 379 recovered, and 4 634 died of complications.

Earlier it was reported that the risk of a new epidemic coronavirus in China is very large. In addition, Beijing does not stop the growth of the number infected. It is noted that the new outbreak is reminiscent of the situation in Wuhan in January. In addition, registered cases COVID-19 in Tokyo (Japan) — it can speak about the risk of repeated pandemics throughout the world.

On 15 June it became known that the new coronavirus found on the wholesale market, “Sinhali” in Beijing, perhaps more contagious than in Wuhan. Market Manager stated that SARS-CoV-2 found on a cutting Board used for cutting imported salmon. Infected fish, as it turned out, brought from a closed seafood market “Zinsen”, which previously recorded a new focus of the spread of coronavirus.

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