Disgraced “the Confessor Poklonskaya” explained the “capture” of the convent


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Abbot Sergiy (Romanov), which is called the spiritual father of former state Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya, responded to the accusations in the “capture” Sredneuralskaya convent “sporitelnitsa bread.” He made a video message in which he explained that he remained in the monastery for nuns, his children. Movie speech of a priest published on YouTube.

“The liberal media write that I seized the monastery. Sounds weird. We [it] was built together with the monastery nailycai with God’s help, 18 years old from nowhere!” — said Sergei, mentioning in this context, “globalization, bringing the world to total control through digital identification”. According to the priest, he could not allow his children “left without a father” and was placed under the spiritual guidance of the people, “in which friends [Alexander] Dvorkin, sectoid, deacon [Andrew] Kuraev [a religious public figure]”. “Among the trees of public order are not violated,” — said the priest.

Abbot Sergius emphasized that it continues to serve as counseled by the Church fathers. “From the cross do not go with the cross removed,” he said, calling on Russians to “go to an empty village and to revive them”, and not hope that “the West would feed us”. “To decide where to be, not the persecutors of the faith, and of the local Cathedral. I call on Russia to repentance!” — said the priest, turning to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill with a request to “read the prayers of exorcism, at least and online for all the suffering, the sick, the lame, the possessed, the possessed, and just for the suffering people”.

In conclusion, Abbot Sergius expressed the view that the right to profess and pray for the sick, suffering people deprived of his due mention approaching a total digital control of processes in the sermons, not the denial of the pandemic coronavirus. The priest said that on June 8, the world health organization (who) have allegedly announced that “kovida no”, but of edition”.ru” cannot find confirmation of his words. On the contrary, in the day, the chief who Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus said the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus at the global scale.

About “capture” of the monastery it became known on June 16. Abbot Sergius was again there to lead the service and put in the monastery of the Cossack patrol. They blocked all entrances and exits to the monastery. The Cossacks allegedly called in order to avoid provocations, as the “resident continues to live a normal life.” Sergius was also removed from the control of the abbess Varvara, who is “the chief Executive of the spiritual face” of the monastery (she was appointed by the Holy Synod in 2005), and were not allowed in the monastery directed there by the diocese of priest Georgiy Viktorov.

The Yekaterinburg diocese in April banned Sergius to preach after his public denial of the pandemic coronavirus, calls for violation of the regime of self-isolation, and bring the anathema of the supporters of “unlawful exclusion”. In may, he violated the prohibition, and the diocese made it again. After that Serge has recorded a video message in which he declared that he will not leave the Church and get to drive only with the help of the police and Regardie. June 15 diocesan court of the diocese of Yekaterinburg considered the question of the behavior of the priest and offered chiyoumen to come to their senses and corrected.

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