Edition of the popular show came under heavy criticism for the episode with Hitler


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British viewers criticized the channel E4, which is in the selection of the best editions of the popular show “Big brother” showed the episode with the comedian Michael Barrymore (Michael Barrymore) in the image of Adolf Hitler. About it writes The Independent.

The program Big Brother: the Best Ever Shows (“Big brother: the best show in history”) was created to mark the 20th anniversary since the first issue a reality. It includes clippings from the fourth season, which was attended by celebrities including former basketball player Dennis Rodman, singer Pete burns and Barrymore himself.

The participants got the task to demonstrate abilities related to their professions, and Barrymore decided to make a parody of Hitler. He drew a mustache with a marker, make packing and began to portray his voice. The reaction on Twitter was negative: the channel came came under a barrage of criticism. “We’re not going to show things that can be badly perceived in 2020, they said. And now show Hitler” — protested @grantgulczynski. “Barrymore, who plays Hitler. The game,” added @tomstevens17.

However, some commentators are urged to consider the fact that the show was filmed in 2006 and that its very concept implies a “shock the audience”. In addition, users noted that not all what is shown on TV, should offend people. “I am a Jew and proud of it. And I think that picture was funny,” said @dan9700.

In March, the makers of the German version of “Big brother” decided to break the rules of show and tell participants that the world faces a pandemic of coronavirus. The moderator noted that the virus threat is mainly for the elderly, and assured that the families of characters show all right. The project listened to the trainer very carefully. Then they showed a video that they took off close. The reaction of many was very emotional.

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