Explained the danger of smart homes


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In Roskoshestvo told about the insecurity of using the system of smart home devices. As published on the Agency’s website explains that the system incorporates a variety of devices and the penetration of a virus or hacker attack on one of them may lead to the capture of all devices in the chain, including smart phones and computers to home owners.

“The security of smart devices is poor, — stated in Roccacasale. — Yes, and the users themselves, on the one hand, glad to see clever kettle with the other — not used to that it is necessary to update the software and put password, otherwise, sooner or later hackers will include it in a botnet, and the smart kettle can start someone on the other side of the world mine cryptocurrency. There is even a special search engine that allows you to locate such devices with unprotected ports in a matter of minutes.”

The article States that in recent years the various elements of the smart home has discovered its vulnerability to cyber attacks. In this case, when the hackers were attacking the smart home a man and had fun while single. To protect devices smart home from the threat of cyber attacks experts recommend using strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA), configure devices manually, install on a computer and a phone anti-virus for blocking malicious software.

“Unplug the device when not in use — recommended authors. — It is better not to discuss sensitive topics in the presence of the smart speakers. Enable e-mail notification to monitor attempts of unauthorized access or Internet purchases. It will not bind to the columns in your primary account associated with the payment means”.

In October of 2019 in California the victim of a hacker attack was an ordinary family. A prankster hacked into the system home control Nest via webcam and threatened to kidnap the child. This is not the first case when the users of smart homes have been subjected to abuse by hackers in the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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