Found a way to get rid of double chin in a day


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Face Bra

Australian company Face Bra has offered customers a way to get rid of double chin in a day. About the invention according to the Daily Star.

“Face bra”, as they call the product on the official website, is a device that opoaryuse the head under the chin and secured on top.

It is noted that the fixture is able to get rid of excess fat on the face “without exhausting diets and hours spent on the treadmill”. According to the manufacturer, the beneficial effect is due to the strengthening of the lymphatic system and excretion of accumulated under the skin of toxins through sweat.

The site also States that the volume of double chin is reduced by one centimeter after the first use of “bra”. Its price is 16 pounds sterling (fifteen thousand).

Earlier in June, experts Roskoshestvo revealed to the Russians the way quick weight loss after mode isolation imposed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. So, for weight loss without harm for health should reduce the amount of consumed calories by 15-30 percent, and in the absence of workout diet need to cut 200-300 calories. Experts also recommend going to bed before midnight and do 10 thousand steps daily.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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