Gazmanov has told about the award from prostitutes


www.vsyako.netOleg Gazmanova: Alex Maishev / RIA Novosti

People’s artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov told about how a group of sex workers after the concert, expressed his gratitude for the song “Putana” and offered a reward in the form of free maintenance of the whole musical group. The singer remembered the story in the broadcast of “Musicality” with Maxim Galkin and rapper Galveston that is published on the YouTube channel Gazgolder.

“Worth five or six prostitutes such candid upskirt. Fit: “Oleg, you about us to sing. Was not lying, nothing. That’s all us, it’s, and you…” And a bunch of giant. “We are ready the whole group is free to maintain.” And give me a bouquet,” — said Gazmanov.

“I know what will be the headline after the release of this program: “Gazmanov Putana was awarded a bouquet of””, — said Galkin.

Previously the show was attended by people’s artist of Russia Nikolai Baskov, who criticized the youth music and of the musician-blogger Morgenstern asked “not much *********** [to be manufactured]”.

Song Gazmanov “Confused” was released in 1991 on the album “the Squad”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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