Malakhov has exposed a well-known business guru from the Internet


www.vsyako.netAndrey Malakhov Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

On a talk show of Andrei Malakhov “live” released an investigation about the well-known 24-year-old business guru Artem Maslov. In the release, posted on YouTube, it was argued that the young man promised to help people become successful, get money, and then disappeared.

Came to the Studio a few victims of Maslov, decided to expose him. They noted that in social networks it creates the image of a successful young man and shows off a multimillion-dollar salaries. One of them told me that Internet the guru asked her to invest in a plant for the production of chocolate bars. She sold the car and transferred the money Maslova, after which he stopped communicating. The woman added that he often encourages people to take out loans and microloans, receives money and then blocks those people.

Ex-girlfriend Margarita Maslova Barinov said that gave him the money to he invested. After breaking up she was able to recover part of the amount, as it was receipts. Lawyer Maxim Zinchenko noted that from 2019 collects statements from victims Maslova. According to him, in three months he had “collected statements of six million rubles.” The lawyer noted that many victims did not want to go to court, because they were ashamed of what they believed the crook.

Later to air a video connected Maslov, who is, according to him, in the UAE. “I give prescriptions to people they are preparing. It’s marketing, no one will deny that I make content that motivates people,” he explained his business model. In response, the Studio guests said that he is engaged in a “Scam”. Malakhov asked the business guru show room and the view from the window to prove success, but Maslov refused and said that “came out of that time where be seen”.

“If you have an extra thousand rubles, it is better to go to buy the book,” summed up Malakhov and recommended to people who want to transfer money online gurus, read reviews about them.

In March, broadcast “Live” out an investigation into the activities of the Russian webcam models are girls who undress in front of the camera. Correspondents of the program “was implemented in one of the Moscow webcam Studio and learned all the secrets of this business on the brink”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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