Medvedev called the main condition for survival during a pandemic


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The main condition of survival during a pandemic is a transparent and open cooperation. This was written by Deputy Chairman of the security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his article “Cooperation in the field of security during a pandemic of the novel coronavirus,” published in the journal “Russia in global politics”.

According to Medvedev, coronavirus infection has affected all spheres of life. Countries need to share experience and skills, scientific and practical information technology solutions, and “to leave aside unnecessary disputes and contradictions” and to render each other mutual support, he said.

Medvedev added that the global community must coordinate efforts in law enforcement, including the fight against terrorism and cybercrime. In addition, States need to ensure sustainable development of both global and national economy.

He also recalled the novel “the Plague,” the writer albert Camus, which States that itself is a chronicle of efforts “cannot be a history of final victory.” In this connection, Medvedev called for the “fullest cooperation” to defeat the virus.

In may, Medvedev said that the coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the world and, most likely, forever. According to him, the state and the company needs to build a new model of behavior to respond to changes. For this they will have to take a lot of effort.

According to June 16, in Russia 537 210 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in 85 regions. Died 7091 people have recovered 284 539 patients.

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