Medvedev spoke about the threat of digital totalitarianism


www.vsyako.netDmitry Medvedevthe: Ekaterina Shtukina / RIA Novosti

Economic efficiency, which gives the digitalization of various spheres of life, can not buy the price of digital totalitarianism. This was stated in his article for the journal “Russia in global politics”, the Deputy head of security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the politician, it is obvious that digitization will be the most important factor in the economic, social and political development of the world in the near future, especially after the pandemic coronavirus. “But it is critically important to make a clear distinction between the benefits of digitization and the threat of a “digital Big Brother”,” — said Medvedev.

He noted that in any case the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual must be respected.

In may, Medvedev said that the number of opponents of the digital economy in Russia and other countries was reduced in the context of a pandemic coronavirus. According to him, digital technology helped people to communicate with each other in terms of restrictions.

Digital economy development in Russia is provided by the national project “Digital economy”, which is implemented on the initiative of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It involves the increase of internal costs for the development of the digital economy at the expense of all sources, the creation of sustainable and secure information and telecommunications infrastructure for high speed transmission, processing and storage of large amounts of data, as well as the transfer of government agencies and organizations to use mainly software developed in Russia. Only the implementation of the national project it is planned to allocate more than 1.8 trillion rubles until 2024.

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