Named favorite company the Russians want to earn



The greatest interest of Russian investors among Western corporations, calls the company Tesla. Such data leads financial platform the study is in the possession “of the”.

Chief editor of the portal Anastasia Kosheleva called outrageous behavior Elon musk, one of the reasons investors love to Tesla. According to her, the company is unlikely to belong to the category of high-risk, but it is characterized by jumps in market prices after the sharp statements made by management or successful projects. YTD Tesla increased by 138,2 percent.

In addition to Tesla, wanting to capitalize on the actions of the Russians is popular manufacturer of pharmaceuticals Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, whose price has more than doubled over a three-month (110 percent), Boeing and Apple.

Among Russian companies the preference is given to Sberbank, “Gazprom”, “Aeroflot”, “Norilsk Nickel”, “LUKOIL”, “Yandex” and other major market players. Analysts evaluated the data of five million users of the Russian version of the portal for two years.

The value of Tesla stock on June 10 for the first time in history rose above thousands of dollars. At the time of publication the stock was worth of 982 USD. Analysts linked the record rise in prices with the growing demand for Tesla Model 3 electric car from China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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