Prophetic dream made a man a millionaire


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A resident of the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, argues that the prophetic dream made him a millionaire. This was reported on the website of the Lott.

The Aussie bought a lottery ticket TattsLotto draw, held on Saturday, June 13, and forgot about it. “It was so weird! he says. In on Sunday night I dreamt I won the lottery, and the prize money spent on the landscaping of a garden for his family.” In the morning he awoke and told his wife his dream. She immediately asked if he checked your ticket. “I forgot all about it,” he said.

“I saw the winning combination in the app and began to compare it with my ticket. When I circled on the ticket of the sixth number that I thought could be wrong. I checked and then rechecked again — he recalls. Only then I realized that my dream was prophetic!” The amount of the prize amounted to 1.2 million Australian dollars (57,5 million).

The winner noted that, as in a dream, he will help the family with landscaping of the garden. “It is better to stick to the plan that I saw in my dream! — joked the lucky Australian. — I’ve got some beer, so at the weekend I will mention this event. And when your prize money will reach my Bank account, I will celebrate again!”

In January it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of Petersburg, Virginia, entered in a lottery ticket seen in a dream the numbers and hit the jackpot. She used a combination of numbers 7-12-14-21-27 and won 100 thousand dollars (about 7 million).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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