Pushkov commented on the data about the willingness of Gorbachev to give Karelia to Finland


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The Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov in his Twitter account, admitted the accuracy of the data on the readiness of the USSR to give Karelia to Finland.

“It is very likely: it was then [Eduard] Shevardnadze (Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR, one of the prominent politicians of the perestroika period — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) gave the United States a huge body of water in the Bering sea. The current amendments to the Constitution to exclude such a possibility,” wrote the Senator.

Former expert of the Finnish Ministry of foreign Affairs, doctor of political science and writer Jukka Seppinen wrote in his book that the Soviet Union under President Mikhail Gorbachev was ready to start negotiations on the transfer of Karelia. According to him, the Finnish side was supposedly the chance to Karelia in the late 1980’s-early 1990-ies, but the ninth President Mauno Koivisto did not advantage of the situation.

Last summer on the pages of Finnish Newspapers published information that allegedly in the Kremlin in 1991 discussed the possibility of sale of the Republic for $ 15 billion. Former state Secretary under the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, Gennady Burbulis denied this information.

The first Minister of foreign Affairs (1990-1996) Andrei Kozyrev called the allegations “bullshit”.

Reports of the possible sale of part of the Republic of Finns have been circulating in the press back in 2007. Then it was reported that the Helsinki refused the deal because of economic considerations.

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