Returning to the work of flight attendants has shared his impressions of the first flight


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Returning to the work of the flight attendants shared their impressions from the first flight, perfect after a long break due to pandemic coronavirus. The stories of collaborators publishes Daily Mirror.

According to flight attendants of the airline EasyJet, the first flight of the airline for almost three months, was short — from London to Glasgow (Scotland) but for a carrier it was a “landmark moment”. In the eyes of the captain and one of the flight attendants were read with delight, and the second was unable to hold back the tears.

“This is a special flight — the first flight with EasyJet from the date of blocking,” said captain David Morgan (David Morgan) 50 passengers on Board, and they answered “wild applause”.

Stewardess named Tina Milton (Tina Milton), who works in the aviation industry for 22 years, said that is still on domestic flights, and they introduced a new security rule: mandatory wearing of masks and the ban on drinks in the departure lounge.

“The new rules suggest that I should wear a mask in front of the terminal building and carry it until then, until you exit the airport at the destination,” she said, noting that the first flight was filled to only 30 percent, because between passengers managed to create distance.

“One man, stranded on the middle seat, asked to be transplanted, and sighed with relief when his request was granted,” said Milton.

The flight attendant added that the long pause in the work of the British aviation industry was like a reboot and now everything is “determined to continue to fly”.

Informed about the real situation in the aircraft during a pandemic, said the flight attendant of American airlines. He noted that passengers hardly talked to each other because of the masks, and the crew members had limited interaction with them water and cereal bars.

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