Sberbank has launched a new medical service


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Sberbank has launched a new medical service SmartDrive. About it reported in a press release received by “the”.

Thanks to the service, you can get a wide range of medical services. “This will be the next step in the development direction of healthcare as one of the most strategically important in the ecosystem of the Bank”, — stated in the material.

SmartDrive created based on the company DocDoc, which became part of Sberbank in 2017. The organization works with more than 4000 private hospitals, and total number of clients is 7.5 million people. Through SmartDrive, in which 17 June is nebrendirovannoj DocDoc, inhabitants of Russia will be able to enroll in face-to-face appointment with the doctor in private clinics of the city, to obtain the online consultation through telemedicine, appointment with the doctor under the policy of voluntary medical insurance (VMI), call the doctor, make the diagnosis, order comprehensive examination, maintain your health diary and even take care of your Pets with veterinary services.

“Today, especially given the current epidemiological situation, we see sustainable development of telemedicine services that allow you to solve most issues arising between a patient and a doctor remotely” — said the first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis.

In a short time through SmartDrive you can buy medicines online and also register and take the tests (including at home). “SmartDrive will meet all safety requirements and standards of service of Sberbank, which guarantees a high level of reliability of provided services”, — assured the representatives of the service.

On June 11 it became known about plans of Sberbank, Kommersant map service 2GIS. Already signed documents on the acquisition of controlling shares of Russian companies in the development of digital maps and guides of cities.

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