Taksidermistka beloved bought the ring from the mouse intestine


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Wearer Facebook shared plans to propose to his beloved and to give him a ring made from a mouse intestine. This publication reports The Sun.

About his intentions, she told the group about an unsuccessful wedding rings. The author of the post posted a photo of the ring, which is a mouse intestine, bathed in an epoxy resin. She encouraged other group members to shame her.

“I’m in a relationship with my lover for about eight years and decided to make him an offer. We both love taxidermy, so I saw this ring and thought it would be perfect. I have not yet made an offer, but will sastadita me, guys!” — she wrote.

She said that taxidermy involves the observance of ethical standards, so none of the mouse was not harmed in the creation of jewelry. The author of the post purchased the ring for seven pounds (612 rubles), independent of the seller. “I was going to say to him: you are a pain in the ass, but you’re a pain in my ass… Be a pain in my ass ever,” she said.

Ring caused revulsion from members of the group. One of them wrote: “I deserve financial compensation for what they saw it.” “I’ll need ten days to reflect on what I’ve read,” said another.

Some users accepted the idea with approval and said that would be happy to wear such a ring.

Later, a lover of taxidermy has published an update in which it said that was unable to make an offer, as her partner found the ring. “I asked him to marry me because he saw the ring and laughed at him. He said he would not agree because he wants to make an offer himself,” she wrote.

Earlier it was reported that American made bikini from the skins of frogs, which she caught and ate. The girl claims that he learned that from his father, who was a hunter.

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