Thailand has proposed to allow prostitution because of rising violence


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Thailand has proposed to legalize prostitution and the sale of sex toys in order to cope with the increase in sexual violence. With this idea of the Deputy of Parliament from party a Civilized country Mongkolkul of Sysinternal, reports the Bangkok Post.

He believes that the government should help those who cannot afford sexual services. “In most cases commit rape of an elderly widowers and workers with low income,” — said the MP. In his opinion, such people have no opportunity to satisfy their desires — hence the growth of crime in the country. Mongkolkul of Sysinternal suggested that the legalization of prostitution to prevent sex crimes.

The MP of Thailand promised to ask the Committee of the house of representatives (the lower house of Parliament) to support his proposal. The Committee want to consider all of the tips on anti-violence. In July the Parliament will present its proposals for the new bill.

The Bangkok Post notes that the debate arose after several high-profile rape cases that have occurred in Thailand. This led to the fact that the population required to introduce chemical castration as a deterrent for criminals.

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