The alligator bit his face got in the lake for the sake of profit man


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Marko Djurica / Reuters

The alligator was bitten in the face of American resident of the city of Largo, Florida, which got into the water for alien flying discs for playing disc Golf for profit. This is the website of News Channel 8.

According to local police, on Monday, the 15th of June, about five o’clock in the morning a 40-year-old Travis Spitzer (Travis Spitzer) were looking for a runaway Frisbee in the lake, located next to the Park to play disc Golf. The man was waist-deep in water when he was attacked by an alligator. Reptile bite spritzer for the face, but the American was able to fend off the attack and escape. He was hospitalized with wounds on the face and hands.

The police reported that the American was in the lake is not the first time. It had twice been arrested for trespassing on private property and collection of flying discs for playing disc Golf in January.

The players in disc Golf said that some people go into the water to collect the lost disks, valued at $ 18 (1.2 thousand). They resell the inventory of local stores at three dollars (200 rubles).

“I prefer not to go for them. It’s a piece of plastic, $ 18 is not worth your life, hands, feet or face. I hope the injured all right,” said the player Travis Duncan (Travis Duncan).

“I don’t go to deep lake. Those who do, are called “squids”. They return found discs for the money,” explained another player, Rob Fitzgerald (Rob Fitzjarrald).

Disc Golf — similar Golf with a Frisbee, in which players must hit the target or basket. Popular in North America and the Nordic countries.

Earlier it was reported that an American resident of Florida, have vowed to avenge the four-meter alligator, which crippled his dog. He has set a trap for reptiles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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