The girl has solved the mystery of the disappearing socks and scared


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The lady Reddit with nick nomoresocksthrowaway shared the story about how he accidentally revealed the mystery of the disappearing socks. However, the opening scared rather than pleased the girl was that her mother for four years put all her socks in a special chest.

When the author of the post was in high school, she was regularly missing socks: set of 20 pieces completely disappeared in about a week. If a girl put socks in the washing machine, she was sure that more will never see them. The mother was not allowed to do the Laundry and strictly forbidden to touch the tumble dryer and go to her room.

All the questions her daughter about the missing socks, the woman replied that they ate the washing machine, but they will come back. However, they never returned. “I keep buying more and more socks only to have them disappear,” — said the author of the post.

Nomoresocksthrowaway noted that her mother wears a much larger size. Sometimes in those years, she noticed the woman socks were small. If the author of the post pointed to this, her mother could admit that we were wrong and accidentally took her socks. This happened so often that she gave up.

After high school she went to College and moved out of his mother, her problems with the loss of socks over. Recently I was visiting my mother, she was looking in her room for a flashlight and stumbled on a chest of drawers full of her missing socks. “I just realized that my mother four years saving up my socks. Reddit, what the hell did she do that? And what all should I do?” — she turned to the others. Later, she added that during her studies in high school his mother suffered from alcoholism and heavily gained weight.

In the comments, many suspected that the woman is not very healthy. “Can this be related to her problems with the body? It’s like a dysmorphic disorder,” wrote confusingcroissant. “This all looks very strange, but it seems that she has serious mental problems,” added Bobb3rz. A recommended author of the post to persuade the mother to seek help from doctors.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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