The plane disappeared Kim Jong UN left Pyongyang


www.vsyako.netPhoto: KCNA / Reuters

The plane, which was previously used North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, June 17, flew from Pyongyang. About it reports South Korean Agency “Yonhap” referring to the Aircraft service Spot that tracks the movement of aircraft.

According to one of his employees, a twin-engine An-148 was seen in the sky around 10:00 local time (04:00 GMT). He was flying from the capital to the North-East direction, and the radar stopped tracking in the area of the province of Hamgyong. Where he’s headed in the future, as well as who was on Board is unknown.

On 17 June it was reported that Kim Jong-UN disappeared again and not been seen in public for more than a week. The information about the flight of the aircraft gave rise to speculation that North Korean leader again soon will be released on the backdrop of deteriorating relations with South Korea, said “Yonhap”.

The Agency also writes that one of the likely destinations of the aircraft could be the city of yuktae-Dong. It is believed that there are currently North Korea is building a new submarine. Presumably, the construction is in its final stage.

The relationship of South and North Korea recently deteriorated sharply. June 16, North Korea blew up the inter-Korean communication center in the border town of Kaesong, and is now going to return the troops to the demilitarized zone on the border. Seoul says it is ready tough response to military provocations to the DPRK and attempts to destabilize the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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