The priest called slavery a blessing for white and was cursed


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The pastor of a mega-Church in the U.S. city of Atlanta, Georgia, Louie Giglio (Giglio, Louie) called slavery a blessing for whites and was berated by social media users, who considered it racist. On Wednesday, 17 June, writes The Washington Post.

As the newspaper notes, during a Sunday sermon in his Church the priest turned to the subject of racism and protests held in US cities after the death of the African-American George Floyd, who died as a result of gross actions of the police during his detention. In particular, the pastor assessed the role of slavery in the history of American society.

“We understand the curse that was slavery, white people understand. And we say that it was bad. But we are missing the blessing was slavery, which actually created the Foundation for the world in which we live white people,” said Giglio.

After this, the pastor is criticized in social networks. Some users noted that his saying he almost equated the privileges that whites unjustifiably use in a racist society, God’s gift. In turn, the Professor Anthea Butler (Anthea Butler) from the University of Pennsylvania, said that such rhetoric is typical of many American evangelicals since the inception of the slave trade in the United States.

Amid a wave of criticism Giglio apologized for his words. He noted that so just wanted to better explain to their parishioners that the privileges enjoyed by the white population, real.

According to The Washington Post, informed Giglio has been in the center of the scandal. So, in 2013, he had to take part in the inauguration ceremony of the 44th President Barack Obama, giving him his blessing, but was forced to abandon it after it became known that in 1990-ies in one of his sermons he said that “being gay is a sinful choice” and that gays “can never enter the Kingdom of God.”

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