Veterans of Afghanistan threatened to beat Kirkorov for the image of the paratrooper is gay


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Members of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan (RSVA) criticized and threatened to beat the actor Philip Kirkorov for a humorous video, in which he portrayed a trooper-Gaia. The Deputy Chairman of the RSVA Vladimir Koshelev said the TV channel “360” readiness to deal with the singer.

“I’ll meet you — get in the end! There, before the Negroes are on their knees, Papuans in America, and this let getting, bitch, on your knees. And so, let every trooper you see him, hit him in his ugly face for the mockery of our form, of our characters,” said Koshelev.

The head of the RSVA, the Federation Council member Franz Klintsevich said that he supported the indignation of the veterans. “I don’t give a lot of confidence that tomorrow’s concert will come two hefty guy and just during the concert will not cause any injuries. This is one side of the coin, which for him is unsafe, he is playing with fire,” he said.

Earlier, representatives of Kirkorov announced that the actor will not apologize for the clip of the trooper-gay, because it belongs not Kirkorov, and the CTC.

A video in which the singer appeared in the guise of paratrooper, who is gay, appeared in Instagram account Kirkorov at the end of may. In it, the artist turns to a former colleague, joking about the “special friendship” and the putting of arms into the anus or mouth. At the end of the video a man outraged by the script and refuses to act.

Veterans of Afghanistan threatened to beat Kirkorov for the image десантника-гея

Video, photo All from Russia.


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