Walrus created in the Kara sea the largest their rookery


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Faith Kostamo / RIA Novosti

Appeared in last year’s rookery of walruses on the northwestern shore of the Yamal Peninsula was the largest in the Kara sea in the entire history of observations of this kind. It is reported by the Scientific expedition centre “Marine mammals” on its website.

The publication said that, according to the findings of archaeologists, the site of the rookeries in the VI-VIII centuries there was a lot of people, and they were produced of walrus on the same shore. “It turns out that in those distant times, there is formed a rookery. So, the walrus returned to the places familiar to them already at least half a Millennium,” said the center.

Experts believe that such a large concentration of these animals may be of value “as a unique outdoor laboratory”. Research will be continued, for this special programme. “Scientists believe research should be long-term, large-scale and comprehensive”, — said in the text.

A rookery with more than a thousand walruses were discovered on the Yamal Peninsula in October 2019. Prior to this the area was seen only sporadic and short-term outputs of mammals. Scientists have developed a three-year programme of studying the phenomenon.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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