Windows update broke Google Chrome



Google Chrome has ceased to work correctly on Windows 10. According to the users of the operating system this error occurred after may OS update, according to the publication MSPoweruser.

Many owners of copies of Windows said that the operating system disables their account on Google Chrome after each closing of the browser. In this regard, users have to re-enter the username and password of the account to fully work with the program. Journalists drew attention to the fact that a similar breakdown of the browser was seen in the beta version of Windows 10, 2004.

Specialist Google Security TEVIS Ormandy (Tavis Ormandy) stated that the problem is associated with a cryptographic interface called Windows DPAPI. This system is responsible for protecting user data by using encryption. In the context of problems with Google Chrome error arises from the fact that the interface is not working. While Ormandy could not give an exact cause of the failure.

Ormandy said that he found a workaround. To fix it you need to close the process Chrome.exe using task Manager, after the Windows key and L to lock the system and then re-login into the OS and open a browser.

Microsoft has not yet responded to the problem.

In late April, experts on cyber security have noticed that Windows was broken with Google Chrome. Due to unfortunate editing system code in the browser ceased to function “sandbox” needed to create a safe environment in the OS.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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