Employee of the mental hospital ten days with no food wandering in the mountains and singing mantras


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Deputy head of the mental hospital strayed from the tour group and wandered in the mountains of Pingtung County in Taiwan and sang a Buddhist mantra, until it was found by rescuers. This is the website Focus Taiwan.

52-year-old Yang Xing-Chen (Yang Hsin-cheng) went trekking with a group of 14 people. June 6 mid-way, Shin-Chan is separated from the group and disappeared. Trip participants are unable to find it on their own and called rescuers.

Member of the Board of the County of Pingtung, Cheng Ching-yuan, a close friend Shin-Chan, has announced a reward of two million new Taiwan dollars (4.6 million rubles) to those who will find tourist, alive or dead. From June 6 rescuers and searchers, enthusiasts have organized several attempts to find Shin-Chan, but they were prevented by weather conditions and poor condition of the mountain trails.

On the morning of Tuesday, June 16, the two pioneers went down the rope from the cliff and found Shin-Chan lying on the banks of the river. Tourist hospitalized with compression fractures of the spine. He was conscious. The man said that all these days he ate nothing and survived only thanks to the fact that drinking their own urine. He noted that several times was ready to give up, but kept going. During this time the man lost seven pounds.

Ching-yuan announced that, as promised, will pay to rescue the monetary reward.

Earlier it was reported that the missing in a forest in the Perm territory a 10 year old boy three days later on their own out to people. He went by Bicycle to the river with friends, back the boys went different ways, and the child lost.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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