French police arrested rioted Chechens


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French police arrested members of the Chechen Diaspora involved in the unrest in Dijon, said the radio station Europe 1.

Aware of the arrest of the “half dozen” people from Chechnya in a number of cities in the East of France, including in the heart of Dijon. The men were calculated in frame of the video with the riots, published in social networks. The investigation is ongoing.

On 17 June it became known that clashed with each other, the Chechens and immigrants from former French colonies in North Africa was found in the mosque and agreed to a truce. This became possible due to the fact that the Maghrebi community admitted his guilt and apologized.

Earlier it was reported that the Service of information, intelligence and strategic analysis of organized crime (SIRASCO) the Central Directorate of judicial police in France released a confidential document that described the activities of the Chechens living on the territory of the country. They were called a threat to the local population.

The unrest in Dijon began after members of the Diaspora decided to take revenge for the alleged brutal beating of 16-year-old Chechen local drug traffickers. According to local media reports, June 15, over 150 natives of Chechnya gathered in the streets of Dijon to commit revenge. Many were armed. Then it was noted that the clashes 11 people were injured, some in serious condition.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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