Gazprom fired recognize the problem with the “Power of Siberia” a top Manager


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The first Deputy of the 307-th Department of the state company “Gazprom” Andrey Filipov dismissed from his post. About it “” said sources in the company, and also confirms the internal system of “Gazprom”.

“Filippov Andrey Gennadyevich in our system anymore, you may be interested in other alternates Chapter 307-th Department?” — said the representative of the company. A source said that Filippov formally retired, although he was born in 1961 and the retirement age has not yet reached. In fact, according to a company representative, Filippova removed due to leaks in the media of problems with the project “Power of Siberia”. “June 15 was the last working day,” said the source.

At the reception of Andrei Filippov in St. Petersburg the phone no one answers. “” has sent a request to Gazprom with a request to comment on the information about the dismissal of the first Deputy of the 307-th Department, however, at the time of publication received no response.

“” earlier it was reported that the first Deputy 307 St Department Andrei Filippov and employee 307 St Department Alexander Gromov will remain without work. The sources claimed that Filippov go on vacation, “which will not return”, and also admitted the dismissal of Gromov. At the time of writing this note Gromov was still listed as an employee of PJSC “Gazprom”. 307 Department of “Gazprom” — one of leading divisions of the company, he is subject to all of the largest gas producing “daughter” of the company.

Andrei Filippov and Alexander Gromov, together with colleagues Vladimir Izosimov, by Mykola Askanim, Viagra Gennady and Dmitry Spine came under pressure after investigation “of the” numerous violations during the development of the Chayanda gas field, which acts as a resource base for gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. “” earlier cited an audio recording where Filippov confirms the hurry of exploration, poor-quality work of contractor organizations, as well as technical violations during the development of the wells.

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