Invented a new ban in the hairdressers communication with customers after a pandemic



The national Federation of hairdressers and beauty salons (NHBF), the UK’s largest Association of hairdressers, have invented a new prohibition in the communication of employees with customers after a pandemic coronavirus. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the proposed innovations, the masters should not talk to visitors during the service to minimize the risk of infection.

All discussions on the subject of style and colors, new hairstyles need to conduct online before visiting the salon. At the same time with the direct procedure, the client may orally amend the Barber, looking at him in the mirror.

Earlier in June, the hairdressing decided to abandon dry hair for pandemic coronavirus. According to the former head of the popular British beauty salon Vidal Sassoon, Tim Hartley (Tim Hartley), the virus is able to live in the premises for extended periods of time, and the warm air produced by the Hairdryer during styling, accelerate the spread of bacteria.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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