Monkey-an alcoholic left without a drink and killed a man


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Matt King / Getty Images

In India the monkey-an alcoholic killed one person and wounded another 250. Aggressive animal behavior is explained by the fact that the monkey had exhausted the supply of alcohol, the newspaper Daily Mail.

The primacy of the named Kahlua was previously the pet of the occultist, who gave the animal spirits. However, after the owner died, deprived of the alcohol Kahlua began to roam the streets and attack people. So, from the aggressive behavior of the monkey affected women and girls: dozens of children now in need of the services of a plastic surgeon due to the fact that the primacy tore their faces with their fangs. As reported by IANS, one of 250 bitten Kahlua victims died.

In the end, a six year old monkey is caught and brought to the zoo in Kanpur, where zoologists have discovered that in addition to addiction to alcohol, monkeys are other unusual mind habits — Kahlua refused to eat vegetables. Scientists suggest that another possible reason for the aggressive behavior of primacy is that the former owner fed him meat.

Zoologists also noted the hostile behavior of the monkeys toward other dogs, especially females, so it was decided that Kahlua will remain locked in a cage, where he will sit alone for the rest of his days, the newspaper said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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