Russia has offered to preserve the garbage disposal in all homes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Halperin / RIA Novosti

Russia has offered to preserve the garbage disposal in all homes and to abandon their design in new buildings. In the extreme case in already built houses they can leave and will be allowed to use one type of waste. An appeal to the Minister of construction and housing has written to the Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation, all-Russian society of nature protection and Institute of development of legal society, according to “Izvestia”.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Commission on public control and cooperation with public councils OP of the Russian Federation Artem Kiryanov explained that the refuse chutes are often the sources of bad smell and noise in the hallways that leads to the appearance of insects and rodents, and fires. In addition, their presence prevents rusitu system of separate waste collection.

The absence of a garbage disposal will allow residents to save on payment for ZHKU. System maintenance garbage collection costs residents 2.6 rubles per 1 square meter of an apartment in a month. The cost of preservation of the chute at one entrance 9-storey building will cost about 500 rubles. Such work is carried out at the expense of the owners.

Also alternatively proposed to give management companies the right to unilaterally make the decision on preservation of the chute, if tenants systematically violate the rules to use them. Currently brewing chutes are required to hold a General meeting of owners and to collect more than 50 percent of the votes.

On 2 June, Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramenko approved the implementation plan for separate collection, providing a complete rejection of buildings with refuse chutes. The construction of blocks of flats with refuse chutes must go, because they interfere with the separate collection of waste, noted in the Russian government.

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