Sailors were warned to stop world trade



World trade may partially or completely stop, since most of the sailors are ready to stop working on cargo ships. It warned the international Federation of transport workers, which represents about half of the world’s seafarers, reports CNN.

The term of the renewal contracts with the employees expired on June 16. Now the Federation will do everything possible to help the crews to return home.

More than 200 thousand sailors within a few months could not get into the ports because of the pandemic coronavirus. If they decide to leave the ships, this could lead to disruption or even stop the delivery of goods, including of food, fuel and medicines. Chaos in the industry is extremely negative impact on world supplies, because, according to the world UN conference on trade and development, about 80 percent of world trade in goods is carried by water.

“Some of the sailors were on Board more than a year because of the pandemic, the government did not allow many to go ashore even for a walk. They call ships are floating prisons”, — said the representative of the Federation Dave Heindel. In accordance with the Convention on work in sea allowed 11 months but some stay there for more than 15.

Maersk, the world’s largest company on transportation of containers, announced that 35 percent of the 6.6 thousands of sailors were on Board longer than that stipulated in the contract agreement. The main market participants said the inability of governments to deal with “humanitarian crisis” that exists in the industry.

Earlier it was reported that many countries have begun to stockpile food because of the spread of coronavirus. This threatens the world economy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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