Scientists have warned about the disappearance of antibodies to the coronavirus after recovery


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Aly Song / Reuters

People may never develop antibodies to the coronavirus, because in some cases they disappear after the patient’s recovery. It warned American and Chinese scientists, the newspaper South China Morning Post.

Experts came to this conclusion by studying the emergence of immunity in health care workers of Wuhan city, has become a hotbed of coronavirus. The doctors were in direct contact with the infected patients in the early stages of outbreaks.

It turned out that at least a quarter of the 23 studied thousands of doctors have been infected with coronavirus, but only 4% developed antibodies. “People are unlikely to produce antibodies against the virus for a long time,” said the study. In addition, it was found that more than 10% of the studied patients could antibodies disappear from the body within one month after recovery.

In may, Swedish researchers have expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the strategy to create a “herd immunity”. Thus, only 7.3 percent of residents of Stockholm by the end of April have developed antibodies to the coronavirus. Many experts had expected much more people will acquire a certain immunity to the disease.

According to recent reports, the world of recorded more of 8.33 million cases of infection. For all the time of a pandemic 448,5 thousands of people died and 4 million were recovered.

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