“Soyuzmultfilm” introduced new heroes in “Well, pogodi!” for a positive example


www.vsyako.netImage: “Soyuzmultfilm”

Tim badger, ROE deer and hedgehog UHL Shu will become the new heroes of the cartoon “Well, pogodi!”, in which they are introduced for the sake of “positive example”. The images of the characters shown by the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, July 18.

The General producer of Studio Julia Osetinskaya said that the authors characters “trying to find these types that are similar to modern children and will cause the trust of their parents.” “The new series is designed for children six to eight years. At this age the child is actively growing, and he must project a positive example,” she explained.

Previously, the new shape of a Wolf to restart the animated series “Nu, pogodi!” merged into a network. After the publication of the “Soyuzmultfilm”, said that the leaked image of the Wolf is not final.

Premiere restart, “Well, wait a minute!” could take place in late summer or early fall. The new season will consist of 52 episodes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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