The famous Russian philosopher killed himself


www.vsyako.netLion Naumilkat: Andrea Verro / YouTube

Famous Russian philosopher, researcher of the theory of dialectics and social philosophy Lev Naumenko had committed suicide in 87-m to year of life due to old age. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to the publication, the scientist found on the morning of 18 June in the high-rise on Kudrinskaya square in Moscow. In this house he lived with his wife.

“Going blind, going deaf, losing the remnants of memory. (…) To go hard, but even harder to remain”, — quotes “Moskovsky Komsomolets” last letter Naumenko.

Naumenko was awarded the State prize of the Kazakh SSR for series of works on the theory of dialectics. In the sphere of his scientific interests included the theory of knowledge, theory and history of dialectics, logic and methodology of science, methodology of system approach. Naumenko was a Professor of the Academy of social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee and for several years he held the posts of editor of Department of philosophy and Deputy editor of the journal “Communist”.

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