The Russians reminded about the rules of safe swimming



MOE reminded the Russians about the rules of safe behavior on the water. So, before bathing you need to check the weather forecast and pay attention to the temperature of air and water. Detailed instructions are posted on the Agency’s website.

Experts recommend to visit the ponds in the morning or evening when it’s warm, but not hot, and there is no risk to overheat. In addition, water temperatures must exceed 15 degrees, and after the meal should take a couple of hours. Before bathing should also examine the weather forecast and make sure that in the region declared a storm warning.

You should pay attention to health. You can’t swim when overheated in the sun, when chills or “goose bumps” on the body. Also it is impossible to come into water in an alcohol intoxication.

The Russians have also warned about swimming in wild waters. It is recommended not to dive and not swim too deep. Better note the rescuers, choose a specially equipped and approved for operation beaches. There are lifeguards on duty and physicians, ready to help.

Earlier it was reported that swimming in rivers and lakes can harm the health of people. This holiday is fraught, primarily by contamination of dangerous bacteria, infections and parasites.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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