The Russians summed up the work on remote


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Russian employers and workers summarized the work remotely during isolation. This is stated in the study of the analytical center NAFI, the content of which leads owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

It is noted that only 20 percent of companies, which transferred employees to udalenku, ready to save this format at least for part of the staff after the removal of all restrictions. While 82 percent of entrepreneurs said about reducing the effectiveness of their employees when working from home.

Among working remotely Russians in almost equal proportions were those who showed a reduction in their productivity (41%) and those who felt that when working from home has brought the company as much benefit as when working in the office (39 percent). Another 15 percent said that their productivity by remote working has increased.

Of those who have lost efficiency on remote, 55 percent said that they were difficult to deal with work issues remotely. Another 24 percent prevented focus relatives, 22 percent were distracted by household chores, and 18 percent are unable to organize themselves.

In addition, 16 percent of employees complained about the poor Internet connection, and 8 percent said the loss of head office employees, and 6 percent complained about the low level of computer literacy.

Among the reasons that contributed to the efficiency of the house respondents pointed to the lack of time spent on the road (80 per cent), the ability to shape their working hours (63 percent), more comfortable work environment at home (43 percent).

Also a major factor of productivity was the lack of conversations with colleagues and meetings (32 percent), more powerful Internet connection at home (9 percent). Another 5 per cent of the staff all turned out due to the fact that the leadership effectively built business processes.

On 16 June it became known that the state Duma was introduced a bill on the regulation of remote employment, which establishes the norms of working time and rest remote workers. The initiative complements and details the provisions of Chapter 49.1 of the Labor code (LC) of the Russian Federation.

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