The stewardess called the most annoying habit of passengers


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The flight attendant called the desire to remove shoes during the flight the most disgusting habit of the passengers of the aircraft. About it writes the Daily Express.

According to Tony moon (Tony moon), travellers should take off one’s shoes not only because of the risk of spreading bad smell on Board, but due to certain difficulties in case of emergency.

“In a time of emergency egress from a liner can block the debris and other items. If your feet are not properly covered, you will be hard to get to a safe place,” she explained.

Another flight attendant, in turn, advised the tourists to stay shod until the arrival at the destination, as, according to her, the floor in the aircraft virtually no to clean, especially the bathroom.

May 31, an unknown flight attendant also explained that the shoes stacked on the passage or range, can slow down the evacuation. 80 percent of all accidents occur within the first three minutes of flight or in the last eight minutes before landing, in this regard, you must be prepared for a quick exit from the ship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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