Tortured the boy many hours of standing on the Russian buckwheat explained


www.vsyako.netSergey Kazakovoj: JSC “Omsk Media”

A resident of Omsk Sergey Kazakov, who put eight-year-old stepson, kneeling on the buckwheat and forced to stand for hours on the rump, he explained his action by trying to raise the child man. He stated in the Omsk regional court, informs radio “Moscow speaking”.

“At some point I switched to a more rigid form of discipline. Wanted him [stepson] grew up honest and intelligent, as befits a man,” said the Cossacks.

The radio station notes that the Omsk regional court upheld the sentences of Kazakov and his wife Julia Yumasheva, the boy’s mother. Which were sent to a colony in 1.5 years, her husband for 4.5 years. They were accused of dereliction of parental responsibilities, torturing and intentionally causing harm to health of average weight.

Earlier, the resident of Omsk and his girlfriend who abused boys, refused to consider the punishment of torment and torture. They did not agree with such qualification and admitted his guilt partially.

Torturing of a child by a stepfather became known in December last year. The boy told all the neighbors and they called the police. Then it turned out that the clock man was forced to stand with your knees difficult, and she had grown into the skin. They had to remove it surgically. Punishment happened with the approval of the boy’s mother, who said that she tried to stand up on buckwheat and it didn’t hurt her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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