Change of habit in isolation forced a woman to suspect her husband of infidelity


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Wearer site Netmums suspected her husband of infidelity because of the fact that one of his habits have changed during the isolation. Her story drew the attention of the newspaper the Mirror.

Who wished to remain anonymous author of the post, the mother of five children, explained that her husband usually shaves the intimate organs approximately every eighteen months, however, during the isolation he didn’t do it. However, once he learned that he was soon to go to work, he suddenly again shaved genitals. However, his wife found out that the office at the same time will be only two people: in the morning he will be together with one woman, and in the afternoon on the other.

The lady asked the commentators, too, it attaches importance to trifles, or she should start to worry about my husband’s infidelity. She added that 7-8 years ago he had an affair with a work colleague.

Commentators have differing opinions. Some have suggested that during the isolation he was just too lazy to do. “I don’t think this is enough to suspect him of treason. We all launched ourselves during this time,” wrote one lady. Others are called to follow her husband carefully. Some commentators wrote that were caught doing the same thing men on infidelity.

Earlier it was reported that American lawyers expect that the epidemic coronavirus infection will lead to an increase in the number of divorces. Marriages are crumbling due to the fact that the Affairs become harder to hide during a home quarantine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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