Daughter of Ephraim wanted to take custody of suffering from alcoholism mother


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Anna-Maria Efremova, the daughter of the Russian actor Mikhail Yefremov and his ex-wife Ksenia Kachalina, wanted to take custody of suffering from alcoholism mother. It is reported StarHit.

According to the lawyer of Vladimir Komsolev, which is representative of the daughter of the artist, Kachalina needs treatment. “To go to the doctors alone she refuses. So all the concern over the actress wants to take her daughter — only officially,” he said as he explained that Anna Maria has collected all the necessary documents.

The lawyer said that the actress installed in the flat new locks, so there can’t even get his client who is registered there. In addition, Komsolev said that from the apartment starts to smell.

Anna-Maria Efremova admitted that in his childhood, his mother repeatedly subjected her to physical violence. “I don’t think I want to name her such an important word as “mother.” Really don’t feel for her love,” she said.

Kachalina previously commented on the accident involving her former husband. “I don’t think alcohol is to blame in the first place. And, secondly, most likely, was a beautiful drunk. Weird that I’m not invited,” said the actress.

On the evening of 8 June Efremov staged accident in Central Moscow. His car went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van. His driver Sergey Zakharov died in hospital due to blood loss. The actor himself was not injured, he was sent under house arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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