Europe will test a multibillion-dollar penalty to Russia in the Yukos case


www.vsyako.netThe building of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation the Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Supreme court of the Netherlands has accepted to consideration the appeal of Russia, in which Moscow needs to cancel a huge fine in the amount of $ 57 billion in the Yukos case. This is stated in the statement of the Russian Ministry of justice.

Now the court will test the arguments of the Russian side, which insists on numerous legal errors that, in her opinion, were admitted by the court of Appeal of the Hague in the interpretation of international law.

Yukos shareholders filed a lawsuit in the international court of arbitration in the Hague in 2005. Initially, he sided with the plaintiffs and ordered Moscow to pay $ 50 billion. Then the decision overturned the District court of the Hague, but in February the appellate court sided with the shareholders. By the time the multibillion-dollar amount of the fine was increased due to the penalties and reached $ 57 billion.

Russia has said it will challenge the decision of the court, and may 15, 2020 filed a complaint in the Supreme court of the Netherlands. The Russian Ministry of justice admits that the process can drag on for years, and prepared for protracted litigation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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