Germany urged to abandon the “Nord Stream-2” for murder khangoshvili


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The German government should abandon support for the project of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2” in connection with the findings of the investigation of the Prosecutor General in the case of the murder of Zelimkhan khangoshvili in Berlin. This statement was made Deputy Chairman of the faction of Free democratic party (FDP) Alexander Lambsdorff, according to Bild.

“I believe such a murder here in Berlin, in the heart of the capital, a few hundred meters from government buildings, so a serious attack on the sovereignty of Germany, we need to think three times before you lay the money pipe to Russia. We can buy gas from other sellers”, — quotes the edition of his words.

In the same interview Lambsdorff on behalf of his party urged the President to discuss with other European leaders of a possible joint response of Russia.

A day earlier, the German foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the authorities may adopt additional restrictive measures against Moscow. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that such solutions need to wait for the final findings of the investigation.

Earlier, the German Prosecutor General’s office filed a formal murder charges khangoshvili Russian citizen Vadim K. the Investigation admits that he acted on the orders from Moscow and is connected with the Russian state structures.

In early June, the German Ministry of justice stated that Russia ignored the requests of Germany, connected with this case, and has not provided the necessary assistance in the investigation. In Russia, this information is called the wrong.

In December 2019, the defense Minister of Germany Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer said that the murder of a former Chechen field commander in Berlin has complicated Russian-German relations.

In August last year in Germany, shot in the head was killed by gunman “Caucasus Emirate” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) Zelimkhan khangoshvili. According to the authorities of Germany, the crime involved state authorities of Russia or of the Chechen Republic. Khangoshvili fought against Russia on the side of the militants of Shamil Basayev, Abu al-Walid and Aslan Maskhadov. In 2002 he was declared wanted on suspicion of terrorism.

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