In the United States called the way to avoid the second wave of coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters

One of the leading infectious diseases of the United States, Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases Anthony Fauci said that there are ways to avoid the second wave of the coronavirus. He called them in an interview for The Washington Post.

In his opinion, the repeated spread of infection in autumn is not to be considered inevitable. Such a situation can be avoided if you follow certain precautions: for example, to avoid mass congestions of people and use masks.

Fauci also believes that to say that the United States has begun a second wave of infection, even despite the increased incidence in some States. In this regard, the infectious disease doctor criticized those who do not comply with protective measures. He urged Americans to consider the risks and to comply with all the requirements.

June 14 infectious diseases said that the United States will be back to normal in about a year. He added that pockets of coronavirus was able to suppress in such major cities as new York, Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans, but there are signs that the virus spreads faster. Fauci noted that without measures to curb the pandemic may not be a new full-scale outbreak.

According to recent reports, the United States more than 2.18 million infected with the coronavirus. 118 420 people died from the resulting pneumonia COVID-19.

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