In the village of sending a mission from the tower of the Russian students will conduct Internet


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In the village of Novopetrivka in Perm region, in which pupils because of problems with communication were forced to climb on an old TV tower for job submission, will spend the Internet. This was reported by press Secretary of the regional Ministry of information development and communications Natalia Ichetovkina, reports RIA Novosti.

Ichetovkin told that the settlement will have access to the Internet in two weeks. According to her, on June 19 from the residents of the village received 15 applications, one house is already connected. The exact terms depend on the presence of the owners in the homes.

On may 8 it became known that the students from the village of Novopetrivka have to climb the tower to send homework assignments for distance learning. On the day the children were five or six such lessons on downloading and sending jobs took several hours. Local Internet service provider responded to the treatment to improve cellular communication in the village must live at least 100 people, not 78.

The district education Department said that parents are to blame for the fact that he put children in danger because I choose this format of learning. Students are obliged to pass the task on paper, but the tower was fenced.

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