It is estimated the chances of Muscovites to exchange the apartment to the cottage


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The real estate professionals estimate the chances of Muscovites to exchange an apartment in the capital for a house in the suburbs. Account of a house with an area less than 200 square meters and with the exception of the luxury segment. This is stated in the material portal CYANOGEN placed at the disposal “of the”.

Middle apartment in a sleeping district of Moscow more expensive home, located at the same area in the suburbs, about 41 percent. The best kind of exchange can hold the inhabitants of the South-Eastern administrative district (the district of Kuzminki, Kapotnya, Lyublino and Marino). Housing on the secondary market capital is worth about 9.8 million rubles, and the purchase of a home (Egorievsk, Novoryazanskoye, Novokashirskoe highway) will cost 6.1 million rubles. The difference equals 61 percent.

For the Eastern district, the figure is 59 percent. The average price of an apartment in East Izmailovo, Sochi, Ivanovo, and Sochi is equal to 9.2 million rubles, as against 5.8 million for an average house on Gorky or Novoryazanskoe highway.

Closes the three leaders of the Northern administrative district areas Khovrino, Golovinsky and Zapadnoye Degunino and Dmitrov. Here you can exchange an apartment (average cost of 10.6 million) for the house on the Leningrad and Dmitrov highway in an average of 6.9 million rubles. The difference is 55 percent.

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