It reveals the danger of swimming in the sea


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Lovers of swimming in the sea often complain about the appearance of respiratory and infectious diseases. This is stated in the study by British scientists published in the journal Water Research.

In 2014 and 2015, the experts surveyed more than 2,600 fans a holiday by the sea in England and Wales. It turned out that 24% of tourists complained about the symptoms of respiratory infections, diseases of eyes, ears and skin. Among the people who are afraid of sea swims, only seven percent of respondents reported similar symptoms.

In the course of the study it was also revealed that the risk of ear and skin diseases in marine bathers above three and two times respectively compared to those who are not accustomed to relax near the sea. While doctors haven’t been able to confirm an increased risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses in tourists by the sea.

In conclusion, the study authors noticed that the rest of the pond benefits both physical and mental health. However, doctors advised lovers of sea trips and swims to carefully choose the place to stay.

In this context, scientists underlined the high risk of infectious diseases among people from contaminated water. “The more harmful bacteria is present in water, the higher the risk of complaints of abdominal pain and diarrhea in the future,” the study says.

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